The research and input process involving HIP-certified hunters, North Carolina residents, and other stakeholders encompasses the following components:


Scientific Telephone Survey

A scientific telephone survey of 1,200 HIP-Certified hunters, consisting of interviews with 800 North Carolina HIP-certified hunters from all over the state, 200 HIP-certified hunters from the Northeast Coastal region, and 200 nonresident HIP-certified hunters. 


Focus Groups

Five focus groups with randomly selected, North Carolina HIP-certified hunters.

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Public Meetings

Four public meetings, held in a diverse selection of locations across the state.

online forum shot.JPG

Online Forum for Public Input

An online forum to gather input from all hunters, residents and stakeholders, offering an opportunity for as many people as possible to contribute to the conversation about migratory bird hunting on Sunday.

This research will provide the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission with data to determine the attitudes of hunters, residents, nonresidents, and other stakeholders—this data, along with the Commission’s biological and ecological data, will serve as the basis for the decision-making regarding migratory bird hunting.   

The data collection for the study—including the survey, focus groups, public meetings, and online input forum—will be managed by Responsive Management, an independent, Virginia-based survey research firm specializing in attitudes toward natural resources and outdoor recreation.